New QuaPro-B


Smart cockpit design
with innovated forklift total balance

Pursued overall cockpit comfortability thoroughly
by operator’s voices in all aspects,
such as visibility, accessibility, controllability,
and cockpit comfortability.


Wider legroom

The foot space has been enlarged
significantly by new layout of main
components relocation.

Brake pedal selection

  • Single Brake Pedal

  • Dual Brake Pedal


Innovative accessibility of the cockpit

The battery cover design has been drastically changed by reflecting users’ feedback. This was previously considered unfeasible design in this industry. It is proven “Ease of getting in and out of the forklift with minimal stress” in biodynamics. It makes to reduce operator’s fatigue level and minimize the risk of industrial accident such as bask pain.

Comparison of posture when getting on/off

  • [Conventional model] Need to lean over to get on

  • [New QuaPro-B] Can get on with the body in an upright position

Improved visibility

Improved forward visibility by optimizing the cowl height
and the location of the display panel.
The cowl height is lowered, and the display
which obstructs visibility, is moved to the right side of the cowl.
This provides improved visibility.

Improved visibility

  • Display panel location of the conventional model

  • Display panel location of new QuaPro-B


Improved controllability

QuaPro-B took after QuaPro-R’s smooth controllability which has a high reputation in the market.
Provides feeling of stress-free operation while reduces shaking when driving.
(▶Improved feeling for load handling)
Improves controllability by optimization of the motor and control at lower speeds.
This makes it easier to make fine adjustments when approaching cargo, leading to improved work efficiency.
(▶Improved feeling during accelerator operation)


The diagonal lines on the sides of the forklift symbolize Sumitomo Nacco’s commitment for mobility and upward feeling (A "Lift-up" feeling).The collective truss-shaped patterns that are incorporated as small details express the brand message of "as ONE" feeling.