New QuaPro-B


Enhanced safety equipment
fitted to customer’s site

“Safety” which is the most important
issue for our customers.
Enhanced safety equipment according to
our THREE safety categories, SUMITOMO thinks.
In the situation of
serious labor shortage these days,
we think our mission is to further ensure
the safety for not only less experienced operators
and people around the forklift
but also customers’ cargo.

Enhanced safety equipment

We have various customized safety equipment for
your specific needs, which is now optionally available
and can be provided with short delivery time.

Three safety categories we think important;

  • 1.Safety of operators
  • 2.Safety of people around the forklift
  • 3.Safety of cargo



1Safety equipment to protect operators

  • The Alert of Dangerious Operation

    The device tells the operator that the operation is dangerous with buzzing sound, of abrupt "acceleration," "deceleration," (→Read more)

    "turning" while the machine is at the work. (the sensitivity can be adjustable.)
    It is available to set the sensitivity individually for abrupt "acceleration/deceleration" and "turning."

  • The Device Locking the travel as the Operator Leaves the Vehicle (Traveling Interlock)

    The Traveling interlock device automatically shuts off the running engine when the operator leaves the seat. Preventing a human error from happening,(→Read more)

    such as the operator accidentally steps on the accelerator. (Note: Does not mean the mechanical brake is automatically on. Suggesting to use the parking brake when to park the vehicle.)

  • The Device to Lock the Loading Move when the Operator Leaves the Seat (Load handling Interlock)

    Many accidents, as a matter of fact, being got caught in between the mast and the head guard happen when an operator stretches his/her(→Read more)

    body through the mast. The device prevents a human error from happening when the operator is not in the correct operating position by killing the loading lever function.

  • Slope speed limiter

    The slope speed limiter, which restricts unwanted acceleration on down-slopes, is standard equipment. The control records the speed when the accelerator pedal is in the neutral position and maintains a constant speed on a down-slope.

  • Right-side access prevention chain

    In order to prevent unsafe access from the right side of the forklift, the chain is installed between the front and rear pillars on the right side of the head guard.

  • Right-side step cover

    This design not only prevents access from the right side but also can be expanded the foot space.

  • Orange seat belt

    The orange color allows you to easily make sure that the operator fasten the seatbelt during operating the forklift. It also helps for the operator to remind fastening the seatbelt.

  • Option

    Seatbelt Interlock with Seating Detection

    If the operator doesn’t fasten the seatbelt, the forklift will be locked to prevent traveling and load handling. The forklift will be unlocked when the operator sits down and fastens the seatbelt, so it helps the operator reminds fastening the seatbelt.


2Safety equipment to protect people around the forklift

  • Blue mark

    A bright LED blue mark alerts nearby workers of the approaching forklift. It avoids accident involving worker and forklift.

  • Line light

    This LED line light that be shined over wide area alerts nearby workers of the approaching forklift. It avoids accident involving worker and forklift.

  • Arrow Formed LED Projection Light

    The bright arrow LED light alerts nearby people the forklift’s direction of travel. It avoids accident involving worker and forklift.

  • LED rotating light

    The colored LED rotating light alerts to nearby people by rotating that the forklift is in operation.

  • Reflector Sensing Alert System (SEEN IRIS860)

    This system detects reflective materials such as safety vests and reflective tapes, and alert nearby workers of the approaching forklift. It is available to detects reflective materials indoors or outdoors, daytime or night time, so it helps to ensure your safety.

  • Rear assist grip

    The operator safely sounds the horn without releasing the steering wheel or grip when the forklift is revered. travels backward.

  • Standard

    Speed limiter

    This device allows you to set the (maximum) traveling speed of the forklift according to your internal rules.

  • Option

    Reverse Alarm with Voice Message

    A voice alert activated when the forklift is reversed.
    *Reverse Alarm with Voice Message is only available for Japanese market.

  • Option

    Forward and/or backward chimer

    This chimer will sound when the forklift is moved forward, backward, or forward/backward .*If the backward or forward/backward chimer is installed, the backing-up buzzer is not provided.

  • Option

    Strobe light

    This bright light flashes to help ensure safety.


3Safety to Protect your Cargos

  • Carriage light

    A front light is equipped on the carriage. It could make the loading/unloading work safer for directly lighting the cargos (the fork sockerts) and the racks.

  • Tilt indicator

    Tilt indicator which let the operator know mast tilt at a glance.Though it consists of analog type mechanism, this indicator is easiest to see and to understand, and excellent in cost performance.

  • Safety laser

    When the forks are detected as being horizontal, horizontal lasers are projected into the insertion holes on the pallet. The operator can determine the fork insertion height accurately and safely. This enhance the efficient of the operation.

  • STC(The Safety Turn Control)

    The Safety Turn Control(STC) is standard equipment that automatically control the speed of turning for QuaPro-B. The system could control both the turning speed and torque when the machine is (→Read more)

    in turning responding to the vehicle's speed and the angle of the tires and it prevents the cargo collapse for your safety.In addition, STC contains the excessive acceleration when the vehicle is in the operation o turning or the slalom. It also benefits the shipping area in many ways with improving workers' safety and efficiency.

  • Option

    Travel Warning with Mast Lifted

    An alarm starts to sound when the traveling speed exceeds a certain level with the mast raised high position in order to prevent dangerous operation.